Oct 15, 2011

Terranigma Chapter 03

After a long and relaxing holiday in Japan, I am back with Terranigma Chapter 03. I hunted around Akihabara in Tokyo and Den Den Town in Osaka for some Terranigma goodies, but didn't come up with much. Tenchi Souzou merchandise is valuable; I managed to score a boxed and complete copy of the original game for 2,900 yen, which is actually quite decent. I found the soundtrack as well, second-hand and selling for a whopping 31,000 yen (That's $400 USD for those playing at home). I left that one on the shelf.

I'm making a new addition to the blog this week. Check out the sidebar for a poll which I will update regularly.

And now for the chapter. Ark explores Evergreen and comes face to face with the fearsome beast, Parasite. Will his newfound mastery of Magirock be enough to conquer this poisonous foe?

PC Version (JPEG)

iPhone Version

iPad Version

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  2. Awesome job guys. THANKSSSSSSSSSS.

  3. Holy cr*p. 400 usd?!
    That soundtrack was the whole soundtrack or the version which only has 30 of the themes from the game?
    Terranigma stuff is expensive; that's sort of a shame.

  4. I believe it was the creative soundtrack with about 30 tracks. Certainly a steep price, but I've seen it on eBay for twice that!

  5. Ah, wanna read, but the link ain´t working D: Looks AWESOME though