Oct 21, 2011

Terranigma Chapter 04

Chapter 04 version 2.0 is out today. We also have the results of last week's poll.

The question was: Which character are you most looking forward to appearing in the manga?

In first place, with 35% of votes, is the proud female knight, Fyda! Because the poll proved to be successful, I'm going to announce the chapter number that each of these characters appears in. Fyda, our winner, comes into the manga in Chapter 09.

In second place is Meilin, the visionary, with 29% of votes. Meilin makes her debut in the manga in Chapter 08.

In third place is the pompous knight Royd, with 23% of votes. Royd appears shortly after Fyda in Chapter 09.

Our runner up is poor Perel, the skateboarding wizard. 11% of votes! Where's the love? Perel appears in the manga in Chapter 11.

For now, enjoy the revised Chapter 04! And be sure to participate in the newest poll.

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